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Type 459IC

Safety Valve launch: Type 459IC available

New Type 459IC designed for thermal applications in Oil & Gas Industry which complements API 526

Type 459 IC
Type 526 IC

API Safety Valve for the Indian Market

Advanced safety valve design according to API 526 for India.

Type 526 IC

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Type FL 237

Small valve with big benefits

LESER India safety valve Type 237. Compact dimensions with high capacity

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Welcome to LESER India

Safety valves for all industrial applications

Safety valves from LESER India reliably protect industrial applications against overpressure. Browse the product range or make an online enquiry.

LESER India, located in Mumbai / India, provides support and service. The state-of-the-art factory in Paithan manufactures a complete range of safety valves for the Indian market. Ask your LESER India representative for competent consulting, convenient ordering, fast and punctual delivery and after sales service.


Project DescriptionIn order to protect the different pressure ratings of natural gas compressors, a leading manufacturer of compressors in Germany requested a blowdown of 3% and overpressure of 1%. From the technical viewpoint,...

01.08.2015 International safety valve quality made in India – UV and NB certification for LESER India

UV stamped safety valves according to ASME VIII provide a high, internationally recognized safety standard e.g. in the petrochemical and oil & gas industry. While imported UV stamped safety valves often do not meet the...

18.07.2015 LESER India presents new safety valve Type 459 IC

The Compact Performance series safety valve Type 459 IC is now available and especially designed for the Indian market. It has been adapted to the requirements of the Indian oil & gas and petrochemical customers. The safety...

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LESER India, Mumbai

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