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LESER India presents new safety valve Type 459 IC

Type 459 IC

The Compact Performance series safety valve Type 459 IC is now available and especially designed for the Indian market. It has been adapted to the requirements of the Indian oil & gas and petrochemical customers. The safety valve is manufactured locally with short lead time.

This Compact Performance safety valve is threaded and flanged safety valves with compact dimensions for economical protection of small and midsized capacities.

Quick specification:
•    Compact dimensions with high capacity
•    Threaded and flanged connections.
•    Pressure range: 0.2 up to 100 barg
•    Temperature up to 427 °C

Type 459 IC presents the safe solution for thermal relief applications for Oil & Gas, Utility steam, Air / gas compressors, Pump Discharge, Mobile tank (transport system), Chemical equipment and piping, Pressure vessels, LPG / LNG terminals, carriers, Cryogenic system and oxygen applications.


LESER Type 459 is a globally proven safety valve with German technology and it is available in a configuration especially for the requirements of Indian oil & gas and petrochemical customers which include UV stamp, IBR and CCoE approvals.

Customers in India benefit from global recognition and pre-qualifications by more than 100 EPCs and end users who have been using the valve for more than a decade.

Technologically, LESER transfers its modern design concepts with sturdily designed critical parts and high tightness to India. This ensures a reliable valve function.

LESER offers short and reliable delivery times for the Type 459 IC valve of only six weeks. In June 2015 LESER India has started quoting and in August 2015 the first new valve will be delivered.

This product launch is the second one for LESER India in a short period of time. In January 2015 the API safety valve Type 526 entered the market. Type 526 Series safety valves present the safe solution for heavy duty applications, such as crude oil extraction, transportation and processing.

Both safety valves, Type 459 and Type 526, together cover most requirements of the Oil & Gas industry. For more details on Type 459 IC Please Click here

For any query please mail us at: sales@leser.co.in or vivek.taterway@leser.co.in



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