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International safety valve quality made in India – UV and NB certification for LESER India

UV stamped safety valves according to ASME VIII provide a high, internationally recognized safety standard e.g. in the petrochemical and oil & gas industry. While imported UV stamped safety valves often do not meet the requirements regarding cost and delivery time, Indian-made safety valves in the past often were based on old deigns. LESER India now offers German technology with UV stamp made for India. The company is now authorized to apply the “NB” mark and ASME Certification mark with “UV” designator to the valve Type 526 IC and 459 IC  API Series for Indian Oil and Gas Industry. Click here to download all certificates.

Type 526 IC safety valves meet all the requirements of API 526 such as standardized capacity, nominal diameter, and center to face dimensions which offer 100% compatibility. Whereas Type 459 IC is a threaded or flanged safety valve with compact dimensions for economical protection of small and mid-sized capacities for thermal applications.

LESER India- the Company was established in 1987 as a joint venture between Fainger Engineering, India, and LESER GmbH & Co. KG, Germany to manufacture safety valves with a proven design and technology. Since 2010, LESER India is a 100% subsidiary of LESER with now more than 130 employees.

The state of art modern manufacturing and testing facilities ensure high quality safety valves and a large central stock guarantees short delivery times for valves and spare parts. To date, the more than 200,000 LESER India safety valves installed underline the trust the customers have in LESER India.

The safety valves are being used by customers across all major industries like oil & gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

For API Series sales query please contact: vivek.taterway@leser.co.in  for information on other safety valve product please click here

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