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LESER pilot operated safety valve Type 811

Project Description
In order to protect the different pressure ratings of natural gas compressors, a leading manufacturer of compressors in Germany requested a blowdown of 3% and overpressure of 1%. From the technical viewpoint, this would not have been possible with a common spring-loaded safety valve. LESER found a solution and delivered ASME-certified Pilot Operated Safety Valves (POSVs) including comprehensive documentation within an accelerated timeframe. 

Product Solution
POSVs are the perfect solution for this application. Type 811 (pop action) already opens at 1% overpressure; the reseating pressure range is adjustable from 2% to 15%. Type 821 (modulate action) opens completely at 10% overpressure; the reseating pressure range is at a maximum of 7%. LESER received the order for Type 811 valves, sized 4x6, orifice M made from WCB/1.0619 material. LESER supplied several options such as manual blowdown into the main valve outlet, field test connection, pilot supply filters and special RAL colour. 

Even with the required documentation, LESER could offer a fast and comprehensive solution: material certification for body, disc and nozzle according to EN10204-3.1, a complete LESER CGA certificate for all tests, hydrostatic testing and design specifications according to ASME Sec. VIII.

Customer Advantages
All of these safety valves and options are part of the LESER standard delivery program; nearly all parts come from stock. The LESER POSV is certified according to ASME specifications. All recommended material testing documentation can be provided within a short time. All hydrostatic testing and certification is done at our manufacturing facility in Hohenwestedt, Germany. With the ability to offer these customer advantages, LESER was able to secure the order and to deliver the valves in only 10 weeks after order confirmation.

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For POSV Safety valves enquiry please write us at: vivek.taterway@leser.co.in

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