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LESER India Webinar Series: Chapter III and IV

LESER's well-tailored selection of webinar offers our customers the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on the topic of safety valves.  


Functional Testing & Acceptance Criteria
- Definition & Acceptance Criteria
- Hydro Pressure Testing
- Set Pressure.
- Cold Differential Test Pressure.
- Seat Tightness Test.
- Back Pressure Test.
- Helium Leak Test.
- Practical Testing
- Documentation and Traceability

LESER Inspection Capability
- Performance Testing.
- Helium Leak Test.
- PMI.
- RT Review.
- MPI / LPT.
- Spring Testing.
- Capacity Lab.
- Virtual Inspection


- Maintenance and Recalibration
- Calibration
- Frequency.
- Process with Definition.
- Acceptance Criteria.
- Method of Testing.
- Trouble Shooting
- Dismantle of Valve
- Inspection of internal parts related to the problem.
- Rectification / Rework.
- Assembly of Valve.
- Inspection.

Work Requirement & Valve Handling / Storage
- Required facility to Calibrate & Repair SRV
- Quality of testing media.
- Selection of gauge.
- Handling and Storage of Valve.
- LESER In-house Testing Capability.

 Registration Open for Chapter III and IV.

Register for CHAPTER III webinar, 22nd  July, 4pm:


 Register for CHAPTER IV webinar, 5th Aug, 4pm:


For any query on these live webinar feel free to get in touch with us @mradul.verma@leser.co.in or call us at 7507778758.  We look forward for your active participation in this webinar series.





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