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LESER Product overview

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  • FL 441 SP Series

    Flanged standard pressure series suitable for steam, gas and liquid service. They have proven themselves as a universal safety valve for many applications.

  • FL 441 HP Series

    Flanged high pressure series for steam, gas or liquid service

  • Type 526 IC

    Type 526 safety valves meet all the requirements of API 526 such as standardized capacity, nominal diameter, and center to face dimensions which offers 100% compatibility.

  • FL 237 Series

    Threaded valve with compact dimensions and high capacity

  • Type 459 IC

    LESER India Type 459 IC is a threaded or flanged safety valve with compact dimensions for economical protection of small and mid sized capacites for thermal applications. Available with UV stamp.

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Webservices for LESER India Safety Valves

LESER India provides further service on the internet. Make your safety valve enquiry directly on this website or find the documents and certificates of your specific safety valve online here.


The online way for safety valve enquiries.

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The LESER technical handbook. All you need to know about safety valves.

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